A Unique Baby Shopping Experience For A New Mum at pompom & Co House …

Baby shopping at pompom & Co House is a unique experience. In their beautifully crafted showroom, they will help you plan everything. They have hundreds of products to hand for you to see, feel, test out and even more to discuss. During an initial consultation, that lasts 5-15 minutes typically, they get to understand what you like, and what works for you.

Pompom &  Co’s House is so accommodating that they deal with many international clients, ship products around the world, and offer internet consultations. All of their advice is given with real knowledge, experience, and -most importantly- care. It’s personal, old-fashioned shopping and so much more.

You can see some photos below:

Story of 2

Story of 2

This is a story of two. Two believers, two countries, and two dreams.

Born in Barcelona, we came to the US in September 2016 for work. Our dream, a new adventure and the experience of living in this country, finally came true.

Without hesitation, we left behind our entire life in Spain and arrived in the US as a family of 3 with our son, Adria, but only for a short time. In May 2017, a new sunshine, Emma, came into our life. Our second dream came true, to be parents again and giving our son a little sister. And this is how our pompom & co story begins.

Before Emma arrived, like any other parent, we enjoyed preparing for her arrival. We felt excited to get everything ready for the great day. As we were preparing, we could not find the traditional and classic clothes babies wear in Europe, something select, unique and with personality.

Inspired by our traditional Spanish family, we created pompom & co to pay tribute to babies and their innate authenticity.

We founded pompom & co with the spirit to bring something new from scratch, offering high-quality clothing at affordable prices.

Our collections are designed and made in Spain. Baby clothes with soul and fine attention to detail, beautifully handcrafted finishes and absolute top quality.

Traditional, classic style is revived to create delicate, sweet and elegant baby clothing.

Exclusive, Unique and Limitless


pompom & co, exclusive clothes for unique babies.